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Inerrancy: Who Let the Dogs Out?

If you have been meaning to get a handle on the issue of biblical inerrancy in a post-Enlightenment world, a window of opportunity has just opened. I mentioned yesterday that Dr Dan Wallace, under criticism of heresy from a commenter on the Pyromaniac blog, has published an excellent paper called "My Take on Inerrancy". In that response, Dan highlights the long journey towards his current beliefs and puts forward a position of inerrancy that is constructed differently than the Enlightenment inspired bumper sticker approach. His idea of inerrancy is:
- inductive rather than deductive
- dependent on Christ Himself as the starting point for inerrancy rather than modern assumptions that are superimposed on Scripture.
His position may not get him listed on the Fundie blogroll, but it will no doubt give them food for thought.

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