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more images and thoughts from Freakstock

Some images and thoughts from Freakstock

About 8000 people here and its raining at the moment. Its the last day and things are winding down. Last night, right after the Roundtable, I was so worn out I lay down and crashed. I probably should have eaten lunch and dinner but was too busy. That guy on the right with the black dreads is David Pierce from Steiger and No Longer Music. He gave a challenge to the roundtable yesterday to not be ashamed to bring Jesus into the world. The Christian music industry, he said, is by and large shamefully embarrased about Christ and are all singing to themselves. Bob Beeman from Nashville, who helped to create the Christian music industry, is also here and he agrees.
btw - saw the end of No Longer Music performance and was amazed to see some many people praying over each other and giving their lives to Jesus. David rocks!
The blond dreads belong to Eric Schauer of the Prodigal Project who i met in San Francisco a decade ago. Now he lives in India.

The leaders here are living and working in about 24 countries. These include Mexico, Paraguay, Indonesia, and this guy on the left . . from Lebanon. Not easy to be ministering among alternative youth there, he told us.

My kids have been playing fussball with friends from other families here for the Roundtable

Jonny Cash evening at the saloon. Could hardly believe the singer was German.

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