Reformation Day: A little Scottish Oats With Your Bratwurst?
In Memory of Jim Montgomery

brain(spirit)storm: top secret

Top Secret: My wife Debbie, as you know, has spent the last week n Austin at a top secret gatheriing of missional-prophetic artists and last-days clowns. Something to do with the Mother of All Gatherings that they are planning in the near future. Cant tell you anything yet. If i tell you, they will have to kill me . . . you know the story.

DebbieImiss you baby uh huh!

But Teresa Kwon has managed to take photos on her spy camera and smuggle them out to 3 slideshows that you can see here [x marks the spot] xx and x. . . .  .  don't tell anyone.

oh - and
Debbie flies to her parents today up in Oregon.