Reformation 1: Scot McKnight at Westminster (updated)
Natural Daylight Time for Church Going

Blogging advice for Godbloggers at Godblogcon

More Godblogcon participants are blogging up: Pajamas Media, Stand to Reason, La Shawn Barber The Right House. Others? Please tag your posts with "godblogcon" and we will find you. More: Skype Puppy,  Emu.

The closest thing UK has to this is the yearly gathering of bloggers at Greenbelt Festival and the various teaching sessions that happen there. The Spirituality of Blogging is what I said at Greenbelt last year regarding How Shall We Then Blog?

Original Post: Godblogcon. Its a Conference just for Godbloggers. Wish I was there! John Mark Reynolds was up to bat first and shared some excellent thoughts on new media and tools. More extensive notes on ThinkChristian and Laura's writings.
Hey . .  does anyone have a comprehensive list of people blogging from the conference?

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