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Green Day Chat and Idiot Club (updated)


Green Day now have an official chat room as part of the new Idiot Club so you dont need to come here anymore to leave messages for Billie Joe. Its US$20 a year so join up when you save up enough. You get to see a preview of their new video which would be cool . . .  IF I HAD 20 BIG ONES!!!!


And is that really Billie Joe commenting on my blog below? How do i know if henrypizza at aol dot com is his email address?  But BJ is welcome to leave messages here if he wants . . . . and maybe send me an early copy of the new album so I can cover it [hint hint] . . .  i'm sure having a deaf old fart with poor music taste like me say it rocks will make it a blockbuster. fur sure!

btw - I REALLY like the “SAINTS” video of Greenday with U2 last month at the Louisiana Superdome. - The Saints are Coming! have u seen it? totally rox!!!! U2 are a fav band of mine and i play their live stuff every Saturday round the house.

Keep going for a good youtube video of Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

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Original Post (May 9, 2005) 9pm GMT tonight. Brian M. will be there to chat with you. Some of you are coming for the first time to our Suddenly Seminary inside HabboHotel.co.uk

Picture 31

Check out these cool rollers that were released a few hours ago. This room was created entirely from free and traded furniture by my 14 year old son, Samuel. You will see it tonight. I will be there in a few minutes. Thats me with a GREEN HAT.

Some pointers;
Read the guidelines on tonight's event.
You will need to get a “Habbo” - an online character - its FREE and easy.
You will need to download and install shockwave (u probably have it already) and can download it when you get there.
Use “boaz1” as the password for all my rooms.
When you enter any room, turn on “SHOUT” mode or people will not hear you
The teleports to get you into other rooms are often shaped like phone booths or portaloos.
Coffee and tea in Boaz Lounge or Suddenly Seminary.
“Bobba” is a word censored by the website when it thinks you are swearing.
You must be at least 11 years old to enter.
See you there.