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Reformation Day: A little Scottish Oats With Your Bratwurst?

Campi on Reformation

Steve Camp has been building up towards Reformation Day. He has been calling for a special day of fasting and prayer today and has put out a hard hitting series on holiness and Reformation.Today's post is a big one. Still Pounding on Wittenberg's Door - 107 Theses for a reformation in Christian Ministry. Steve has been a prophetic voice in the Christian Music industry for years and is well qualified to lay out a few hard core theses.

The Series over the past week:
The Burden for Reformation and Revival (start here)
The Foundation for Reformation and Revival
The Heart of the Reformation: The doctrines of grace
Truth necessary for Reformation/Revival
The Barrier to Reformation and Revival

Also check out our friends at Slice of Laodicea for their Reformation Day message.

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