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The 5 Books on Emerging Church You Need to Buy

So you want to get involved in the emerging church? Good. For those of you who dont do anything without reading a book [you know who you are], you may need to buy one or two books to get you moving. Here are the top five. My top five. The Canadians have been working on this list of top 5 books recommended by number of emerging church leaders for a long time and now . . .  finally . ..  its online. Aboot time . ..  I mean ABOUT time. Sorry. I love Canadians. Their maple syrup is almost as good as Scottish maple syrup, eh?

My 5  choices [bottom of the list - but the last shall be first] are these:
1. Shaping of Things to Come by Frost and Hirsch, for some missiological background.
2. Emerging Churches by Bolger and Gibbs for some good examples of what church might look like.
3. Out Of Bounds Church by Steve Taylor for a church planters view of the culture.
4. Church Planting Movements by David Garrison to understand church planting principles.
5. Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture, by Michael Frost for the heartbeat of the church planter towards community transformation. I should be reviewing this book in November.

If i had to change that list, I would take out David Garrison's book and tell you to download the free booklet instead. Here is the PDF  But do look out for his great book if you get the chance.
In its place, I recommend "Colossians Remixed: Subverting the Empire" by Brian J. Walsh, Sylvia C. Keesmaat. Dang good book that covers globalization, internet and lots more.

I really should be recommending Transforming Mission by David Bosch which is a monumental book and foundational to this whole conversation, but i am assuming you have read it already, or it is a little heavy going if you are new to missiology - in which case 'Shaping of Things to Come' might be more approachable and timely.

And I might also recommend Wolfgang Simson's new book but it doesnt come out until November 10 - at which time i hope to start a discussion on the book.

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