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What is the Emerging Church? Full Text.

The Skinny on the Emerging Church Forum at WTS

I wasn't there at the Emerging Church Forum at Westminster Theological Seminary but I thought it worth keeping an eye on and i had a few good chats with students and participants. If you took notes or have access to more links [especially audio] then please let me know.

Tony at Sets 'n' Service has the SKINNY [here] and the biggest collection of links to the many lectures. Here are the talks that caught my attention:
- Missiological Trajectories on the Emerging Church, by Dr John Leonard [Art]
- Why God did not spare his Son, Dan McCartney, [Foolish Sage]
- Theology as Mission: Envisioning Christian Faith in a Pluralistic Culture [Foolish Sage]
- How Should Reformed Theology Respond to the Cultural Challenges of the 21st Century? by Dr. Michael Scott Horton []
- What is the Emerging Church? by Dr Scot McKnight [TSK here and here]

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Why did I appreciate this Forum so much?
They let the emerging church speak with its own voice. They allowed both sides of the debate. And they showed why their particular angle on the gospel and church history was, in their minds, superior. And thats cool. Every denomination or stream of the church should know how their own history has equipped them to function and succeed in today's cultural environment, as well as the eye-planks that could cause blindspots.
It was a brave attempt and judging by the professors who chose NOT to attend, it may have been a stretch. But they pulled it off made a benchmark for other Seminaries.

How do they compare with other North American Seminaries who tackled the Emerging Church?
Possibly the best yet, from what i have seen, and certainly better than these:
- Dallas Theological Seminary (audio available) was not as extensive as Westminster but the attitude and content was very good.
-. Biola got bogged down in the philosophical but gave it a good shot.
- A talk at Western Seminary should register on this list but a full blown conference or forum is yet to come.
- Masters Seminary did a very poor job IMHO. Insular and cul-de-sac, defensive and misdirected.