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Waffles for 30

I'm back. After a month of not blogging. I think i got rid of my addiction, for now, and am able to think rationally about blogging and my love-hate relationship with the blogosphere and the forces behind it. I think i have tumbled the babel tower in my own heart and am ready for another season.

But i need to start over in some ways. I need to reclaim my blog for me. I realize there are a lot of new people jumping into my journey and i am grateful for that. Perhaps its best if i introduce myself over the next week or so . . . and then you will get to know me a little more and this blog might serve you better than it might otherwise.

So let me start with me right now.

Its Sunday afternoon and we are a little tired. I had to stay up a lot of last night to watch over the 23 teenagers who were staying here for a movie marathon in the back room of our house. Thats a lot of people for a house with only one bathroom and one toilet. And they are both located in the same room.

There are actually a lot more people than that in our house.
I have a wife and 5 kids. Obviously, they live with me.
Another family from Texas has lived with us for about 5 months. They have two kids.
One of our daughters had a friend stay over last night.
Caroline is sleeping in the attic space that we have converted for the hospitality of pilgrims. After the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain and a brief sojourn in Turkey and London, Caroline is completing her pilgrimage here with us. And she will be in Houston in 6 weeks along with me and some other friends.

This morning I made waffles for these 30-40 people. I like to make crepes on Sundays but waffles are faster and I have a very efficient Krups waffle maker that I bought my for wife a few months ago while we were in Belgium. Its a Krups FDD912 Expert Waffle Maker with Rotary System and I highly recommend it.


I dont get a commission for my recommendations. But sometimes i buy something and get a lot of milage out of it. And a few days ago, in London, Paul Thaxter asked me what kind of waffle maker i used and this is the one.
Or was it Southhampton? I cant remember.