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What is the Emerging Church? Full Text.

Critiques of the emerging church don't get much better than this. Scot's talk last weekend at Westminster Theological Seminary is now available. You can get the PDF from Mark at Sacred Journey. Scot's comments on the conference are blogged [thanks joe]

Can I make a suggestion? Let Mark be the guardian of the Full text PDF (holy grail style). Point to him and his PDF link but don't upload the file yourself. That will make it easy for Scot to manage it over the long haul or do a recall or edit . . . or add some more nice things to say about me. Thanks. This is probably a good practice anyway.

Snippet: "Here’s my point: if you narrow the emerging movement to Emergent  Village, and especially to the postmodernist impulse therein, you can  probably dismiss this movement as a small fissure in the evangelical  movement. But, if you are serious enough to contemplate major trends in  the Church today, at an international level, and if you define emerging as  many of us do – in missional, or ecclesiological terms, rather than  epistemological ones – then you will learn quickly enough that there is a  giant elephant in the middle of the Church’s living room. It is the emerging  church movement and it is a definite threat to traditional evangelical ecclesiology."  Scot McKnight

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