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Fillet Steak at a Potluck

Today I weirded out some church people at the local Baptist church. It was harvest festival time and a special pot-luck meal was brought by the parishioners. I brought an eye-fillet steak, sliced thinly on a bed of garlic potatoes. I snuck it in so that no body would see who put it there. Interesting thing was that no one took it. They all went straight for the same dishes that always turn up. No problem. God was impressed. I also cooked a London Broil for the hoi polloi - and that was pretty much eaten up. But the fillet sat there like an offering waiting for fire to heaven to consume it. And that was my worship.

Why did I do it? Well, i bought a lot of meat from the farmer earlier in the week and was thinking about bringing an offering of the first fruits to the church. The harvest festival gave me the perfect opportunity. Why not bring our best to church? Why should we cook crap food for the church because its convenient and economical and then feast on the good stuff all by ourselves?