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Is George Barna the most quoted person in the church today?

I said he was a while ago but actually, he isnt, if you include new media and the blogosphere. In my post George Barna's Revolution: A Review, I passed on a quote about George Barna as "the most quoted person in the church today" and I now believe that information is incorrect if we include new media (blogs, webzines, online periodicals, etc) in the equations. I have been tracking single occurrences of "George Barna" on the web for about 6 months, along with other high profile leaders connected to the emerging church. George is quoted less than certain other spokespersons in the church today on the blogosphere, even during high profile events like the Revolution Conference.

Did you know that John Piper gets about mentioned about 4 times more often than George Barna. How often those mentions are actual "quotes" is something I dont have the time to research.

btw - I still really like George Barna and i highly recommend his book.

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