Emerging Generation and Church Planting
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Key Thoughts on Church Planting

Various leaders have responded to Martin Robinson's excellent talk this morning. Here are the highlights of their responses in which i see an immediate connection with emerging church;

Mattias Martinson (EFS Sweden):
As the Father has sent me, so I send you
- Need to be "mission-shaped" or "missional"
- Tell stories
- Be postmodern to reach postmoderns.

Helge Standal (Lutheran Church of Norway)
What does it mean to plant non-traditional churches in this setting?

Birger Nygaard (Denmark)
What does church look like when we have lost our Christian cultural memory?
There is a strongly growing hostility toward religion.
Bonhoeffer suggested "religionless christianity"
Internet - what is "real' in ministry?

Reinhold Scharnowski(Europe)
Overcome Christendom thinking and regain a Kingdom mentality
Will we continue to be attractional or are we becoming missional? incarnational?
Develop apostolic ministry - find apostolic people of peace

Martin Robinson responds to the response and adds more:
Emerging church has a problem when it focuses on models. - creates a dichotomy between inherited church and the new. Better to talk about "emerging mission" because church comes out of mission. Focus on emerging mission and let church grow out of that.
Find those with "apostolic genius" (Hirsch)
Let our new Christianity be a way of life.