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Lonnie Frisbee and Ted Haggard

Truly-207-248The Lonnie Frisbee story has some obvious parallels with that Ted Haggard. David Di Sabatino, creator of the movie "Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher" reminds me in an email this morning of Lonnie Frisbee, key prophetic figure of the Jesus Movement - who gave his life to Jesus while high on LSD and died of Aids in 1993. Its a story thats deeply embarrassing and unthinkable for most of us (his conversion happened while TRIPPING????) and it is tempting to whitewash his story for the church history books. But that would not be honest.
I saw the movie earlier this year at Freakstock Festival in Germany. Californians can see the movie on TV later this month. Details at KQED. And anyone can now pre-order the DVD The Making of Frisbee: It Only Takes a Spark

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