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I have had a little email correspondence with Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church and have encouraged him to put forward an apology. I don't think he realizes the gravity of this situation but am hoping a few others [where are the Reformed folk???] might also share their thoughts with him. I am a little cautious of bringing too much attention to it with this post but I know a lot of you are talking about it and blogging about it . .. . so . .. . here's the skinny on the Mark Driscoll episode which has become more complex since my post entitled "The fat lazy blog-post that has let itself go".

The Skinny:
- Mark's original post which got things started.
- Christian blogs are tame compared to Dan Savage and others in the secular press. Mind your step . . .
- Protest by EndFundamentialism rescheduled for Dec 3. Protesters are using the Misogynist label. Mark already registers in a Google search for misogyonist, but Bob Hyatt argues that Mark is NOT a misogynist nor a sexist but he is a chauvinist.
- Rose Madrid-Swetman has posted an Open Letter To Mark Driscoll. She sent it to me yesterday in an email. Pretty fair and well written. Those quotes in the open letter from Scot McKnight on my blog comments can be found here.
- I think Bob Hyatt is the most balanced voice in this whole episode. Bob is not a Driscoll fan and yet he is representing both sides in a fair manner. And most importantly, he agrees with me about the protest being a bad idea, so he must be right. Read Bob's Latest on the Driscoll and Latest Part II. [update] His latest is "why cant we all just get along" and he publishes the open letter.
- The Salon article was exaggerated - according to a comment by Judy who also features in the article.
- Iggy asks whether Calvinism is sexist. Interesting question. Where is John Piper when you need him?
- If you want to give Bob a break, Scot McKnight is fielding questions and comments and, of course, so is Rose.

What do I think?
I like Mark and he has been a good friend but I think he has watched Fight Club once too often.
Fight Club 003

Mark Driscoll Responds
The fat lazy blog-post that has let itself go.
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