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Jesus Freaks, Emerging Church and 2007

Mirko from Jesus Freaks just sent me the NEW and FINAL DATES for Freakstock: 26th - 29th July, 2007

Fsericanddavid-1Did you know that there are 35 videos from Freakstock Festival on YouTube? None of them from my seminar, mind you. In case you were wondering about my talk on the emerging church history in Germany, the book I was quoting from was by the West German Johannes Baptist Metz entitled "The Emergent Church" (English version, 1981)

I thought Freakstock 2006 rocked and our Global Roundtable for Emerging Church had about 70 leaders from 24 countries! We will be doing that again next year. Trevor M. from Canada [who now has a blog] is already asking around for resources to pull it off.

The Jesus Freaks rock and I love their history. A bunch of teenagers in the early 90's from the punk culture find Jesus. They had no money but HUGE hearts for God. A few years later there are 100 churches around Germany. A festival starts and grows to 8000 people. And yet many people have never heard of them because:
- this is Germany and not USA
- they are too theologically sound to be controversial
- they haven't written any books in the English language, or none that i am aware of
- they are shy about using the word "emerging church". Mirko says they are just . . "church"

But you should be aware of them. And if you get the chance, come on over to Freakstock 2007 And check out some related festivals:
Poland: SLOT festival 11th - 15th July
Czech Republic: Freakfest 21st - 24th June
Italy: Rock the Rock [no dates yet but maybe late June)
UK: Destruction Festival [no details yet]

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