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A few nights ago I listened to my friend Angus read some accounts of the Scottish Reformation from old books. One of the books [Fleming] was published in the 1600's but Angus had a version from the 1800's. He read accounts from that book and others of healings, raising from the dead, and a whole building shaking with the power of the Holy Spirit.

"No signs of life being forthcoming, ‘the physicians pronounced him stark dead’, but Welch ‘fell down before the pallet and cried to the Lord with all his might for the last time … till at length the dead youth opened his eyes and cried out to Mr Welch …" [link to short web version]
John Welch was the son-in-law of John Knox and possibly the one who said "Give me Scotland or I die", rather than Knox

All very interesting for Angus, who was involved in some more recent charismatic movements. And also for me having only read later editions and the [edited?] Banner of Truth versions which, although very informative, somehow managed to leave the supernatural phenomena out of the story - giving the impression that all the Scottish Reformers did was pray, preach and get martyred. As knowledge increases on the earth, we are no longer satisfied with half-truths. I would rather have the whole story and add my own filters if i need to.

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