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Video Gamers Grow Up

There's a good article called The Gaming Generation on gaming and parenting. It has made me remember my long history with the joystick. Its been nearly 30 years since i pushed my first pixel across a TV screen. What a rush!!! After a lifetime of watching pixels dance on a TV screen, its a MIGHTY POWER RUSH to take control over the screen and make a pixel do something . .. in this case, bounce back over to the other side. That was Atari. That was 1977 on a brand new machine that some friends had brought home from America. I am still pushing pixels across a screen.

I first fell in love with my wife on a video game. She was good. Very good. She almost beat me. Maybe she did beat me but my brain refuses that memory.

One day, I am going to find an old Atari and play bricks or pong on my TV. THAT will be cool!