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Will the Church that is NOT 'Missional' Please Stand Up?

Increasing Participation from 20:80 to 80:20

1587431645.01. Sl110 Sctzzzzzzz I was reading Alan Hirsch's new book this morning. Its called The Forgotten Ways. I have actually had it for a while and my blurb is in the front of the book. Its just that I havent fully blogged a review yet and, as you know, a book is not fully reviewed until it has reached the distinguished judgment of bloggers. I will review it really soon, but first . . . here's some thoughts on participation in church models and how to increase. Its important because:
- Spiritual gifts are given to EVERY member and not just the guy up the front.
- Worship is based on giving, not receiving. This is why Kester once said we must "re-imagine worship as gift and re-emphasize our giving rather than receiving". btw - Kesters book is now available for Americans under a new title - Signs of Emergence.
- If we are told to preach the word, and not just to LISTEN TO THE PREACHING, then many churches allow only one person to be obedient.
- Joining a passive crowd to watch something happen on stage will not ignite the imaginations and entrepreneurial spirits of a new generation of aposles. Something must be done.

This is what Alan tackles in his book. Check out his diagrams.

Traditional Churches and Seeker Sensitive models are still very platform driven and spectator friendly. Not much participation going on there. Forgottonways3

The typical emerging church models and alternative worship models have increased the level of participation but not nearly enough. More must be done.

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Alan shares on how to move from 20:80 (passive-active) to 80:20 by shifting to more of a cell based, missional approach in which ministry is driven by mission and not program. I could waffle on but you may just want to read it for yourself. Heres the chapter on this. Alan told me I could give it to you here. Enjoy . ..

The Forgotten Ways, Sample - Intro and Chapter One PDF]