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Net Bible is CopyLeft

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Today I am putting the words of Jesus to be read against a Sigor Ros video and I am using the Word version (free download) of the Most Trustworthy Net Bible. I use the big black Net Bible at home for study (only $20 this month for non-leather) and I prefer to use the online version at because I can quote it, print it, give it away without worry about copyright. As long as i don't sell it. You could say its about as copyleft as the Bible can get.

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I like the notes in the margin of the Net Bible. The translators are honest about the controversies and give the skinny on each verse. One of those translators is Dr Dan Wallace of Dallas Theological Seminary who married my wife's cousin, thus placing himself in our extended family. Dan's article on Inerrancy and truth and text are both excellent reads.

I am also reading through the Bible this year with daily readings. The site is not good looking and i cant find an RSS feed. Its also not nearly as much fun as the One Year Bible Blog - which i highly recommend - but I am trying to stick to one single version of the Scriptures to help me in my memorization. Its hard to memorize anything when you have lots of different versions in your head.