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A Prediction for 2007

Last year I said video would shake the blogosphere, and not podcasting. At the time, a lot of church ministers where going ga-ga over podcasting and the possibility of getting more milage out of their sermons and unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of creativity in the podcasting genre. Video, on the other hand, opened up a whole new world. YouTube and the wide adoption of broadband helped this happen. Its never been easier to post and repost video. This used to be a huge hassle with bandwidth and storage. In 2000 I used to compress my videos to less than 2 Megs and upload them to Apple's imovie page. They were tiny and they took forever to download. How lame! Glad those days are gone.

For 2007, I think we will see BOOKS.

E-books? Yes, but more importantly, old fashioned paper books will make a comeback. Print to order companies like make it easy and instant to print books. Everyone and their dog will be printing books. Blog-to-book software will change the way we blog, making us think about our blogs as PRE-BOOKS. Photo-to-Book services will make us more serious about our photography and the way we organize it because we will create books with a few clicks. Maybe 2007 will be the year that I finally print out a book.

Also, Google Books is loading up thousands and thousands of vintage books online that give ordinary people access to books that have been out of reach. This will lead to an increase in PRINTING. I would be looking for a decent laser printer if i didn't already have one. And if i was a business looking to jump in, I would invent a way for people to create their own books from their printers - ie, develop some kind of device that enables you to compile the papers in an attractive and permanent way.

"But beyond this, my son, be warned: the writing of many books is endless, and excessive devotion [to books] is wearying to the body" Eccl 12:9

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