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Prayer for the Standerfer family

UPDATE: Thanks for your prayers. The Standerfer's passports have been taken from them and at this point they have to return to USA on Friday. Some dear friends have told us they believe there is serious spiritual warfare and anti-American racism [are they connected?] going on to stop the Standerfer family coming up to Scotland and we should not stop praying. Another friend has contacted an MP and perhaps that will be the way God will allow this family to return to UK. Would you prayer for Brian and Whitney Standerfer and their 3 kids today?

ORIGINAL: Brian and Whitney can sure use your prayers right now. They are on their way from Texas up to Orkney to hang with us before getting over to the continent for pilgrimage. But they are stuck at Gatwick airport - immigration doesn't want to let them back into UK and are threatening to send them home to USA on Friday. It is possible there was no stamp on their passport when they went to Ireland last year. Pray for grace and favor.