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Christian Blogging Survey [Updated]

Cory Miller at Church Communications Pro has released the findings of the 2007 Christian Blogger Survey. Full report here. I am re-posting this with the list of participants and some of Cory's findings:

"Here are some snapshots of the survey:
* Total Number of Blogs In Survey: 367 blogs
* Most Popular Blogging Platform: Blogger with 184; WordPress was next with 77
* Length of Blogging Tenure: 122 blogging for one to six months; followed close by 121 who have been blogging one to two years
* Frequency of Posting: 175 indicated “one to 10 times a month”
* Gender: 309 were males
* Age: 136 are between 31 to 40 years old
* Ministry role: 128 respondents were “senior pastors”"

[Original Post] Cory Miller has released the results from a survey of over 360 Christian bloggers, including me. Its called “Blogging Believers: Who's Out There in the Blogosphere?” Interesting to see the largest group was “Senior Pastors”. Cory recommends this list of bloggers.

I remember a time (2001) when I was excited that I had 12 Christian bloggers on my blog roll. By 2002, that number was raging out of control and I realized it wasn't possible to link to all of them. Ahhhh . . . the old days!

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