Is Emergent Heretical?

Family and Household Update

15 people in our home last night at our apartment above the post office - quite a feat with only one bathroom and one toilet (same room)- mostly young people and one family - Bea and Andy Marshall [who blog at Moogaloo] and their two kids from Sheffield. They will be here for a week, mainly to spend time with Debbie and get some mummy-wisdom. They used to visit us when we had the Giant Peach in Prague. They are part of a house church start-up today in Sheffield that happens today in their absence.

We are all well. Abi's netball team made the semi finals yesterday. Sam had two bands play in our underground club last week. His hair is still red, but has been green also recently. Elizabeth is drawing. Tamara is beating her sisters with the eyetoy on the playstation 2. Debbie is about to take up pottery. Hannah is still bubbly and loves going to church. I am enjoying the last part of a stay home spell before heading off on my next travels.

Over the next few months i will be in London, Switzerland, Canada, Denver, Minneapolis. I am thinking of cutting my hair short and would like to lift some weights again to try and gain some weight and strength.