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George Müller of Bristol

MullersmLast night, during my daughters music lessons, I had chance to read most of A.T. Pierson's 1899 biography called "George Müller of Bristol". [I have a 60 year old copy in good condition but I just found an online version at BibleBelievers for you poor sods who dont have a copy] I read a similar biography called "Delighted in God" many years ago and was hugely inspired by this German who, like August Franke who was also from Halle a hundred years earlier, started orphanages for children based on spiritual principles and faith in God. Incredible stories of faith and perseverance. Also, I didnt know that Rev. Charles Hodge (Princeton) was tutored in German at Uni. of Halle by a very young George Müller.
And what really impressed me, apart from reading the Bible through about 4-5 times yearly [dang!] was his strong accountability on financial gifts - his insistence that gifts go to exactly what they were given for, his refusal of gifts if the conditions were not right, and his almost anal accounting procedures that were kept up year after year.

So, in following the example of George, we should be faithful in small things and pay attention to our consciences.

Exterior-1Another project i am thinking through is a global mapping system for pilgrimage and historical sites for Christians. You could probably find George's orphanage in Bristol or his first church (pictured) but what about his home in Germany, or the prison in Magdeburg that caused George to reconsider his life without God? If everyone could map and tag the sites of interest in their own towns and cities, that would be a fantastic resource. Don't you think? I bet there are houses and churches just round the corner from you that have great historical value in their stories of saints and the movements of God.

Are you geeky enough to want to help me with that project? Let me know. No money involved but it would be a fun project.