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Prayer for the Standerfer family

UPDATE: Thanks for your prayers. The Standerfer's passports have been taken from them and at this point they have to return to USA on Friday. Some dear friends have told us they believe there is serious spiritual warfare and anti-American racism [are they connected?] going on to stop the Standerfer family coming up to Scotland and we should not stop praying. Another friend has contacted an MP and perhaps that will be the way God will allow this family to return to UK. Would you prayer for Brian and Whitney Standerfer and their 3 kids today?

ORIGINAL: Brian and Whitney can sure use your prayers right now. They are on their way from Texas up to Orkney to hang with us before getting over to the continent for pilgrimage. But they are stuck at Gatwick airport - immigration doesn't want to let them back into UK and are threatening to send them home to USA on Friday. It is possible there was no stamp on their passport when they went to Ireland last year. Pray for grace and favor.

Born Again Widget

IconBorn Again Christian News Widget for Mac 10.4 was released this morning. 22 downloads at the moment but I am sure this number will rise quickly. I am so glad they didn't use CAPITALS in every sentence on their site. Best part of the website is a gospel tract page for the street preachers, fundies and hard-core born-againers . . . or maybe for those who want to reminisce on those good ol' days. Like me .. . for example. And if you want to get born again the old-school way, then pray through the sinners prayer here. Heck - lets all pray the prayer this morning. Eh?
Don't forget to check out the other Christian resources and the full selection of Chick tracts like this new one.

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The Skinny on Fat Tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday and we are eating pancakes and having our last taste of the wonderfully delicious foods we are fasting over Lent. Those things include sweeties/candy for the kids [they thought that up] and caffeine for me and chocolate for the whole family.
My fundamentalist/protestant background has not prepared me to write a decent blog post on the benefits of Fat Tuesday and so, along with Alan Hartung, I ask for someone else to give the skinny on the historical and theological underpinnings of this religious celebration. And in the meantime, I will keep drinking my coffee and nibbling on chocolate before my 40 days begins.
More info on Wikipedia (Shrove Tuesday). Did you know "carnival" means "farewell to the flesh"? See Catholic roots

Speaking of pancakes, you really must see the crepe i made that looked exactly like Beavis from Beavis and Butthead.

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Ed Stetzer: Toward a Missional Convention

Just listened to Ed Stetzer reading his paper "Toward a Missional Convention" with gusto at the Baptist Identity Conference. Ed lays out a good working definition of "missional", communicates it in Baptistspeak, distances it slightly from the ecumenical roots (I have a few issues with that but not worth mentioning here] and recommends the Southern Baptist Convention works together with emerging leaders and moves forward. Well done, Ed!
Others: Timmy Brister, SBC Outpost

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Zpeech: New web app

Zpeech ForumlogoTim Rohrer tells me that he and some friends just created a killer Web 2.0 app called Zpeech (beta) and is wondering if we can experiment with it here. Zpeech means you can comment on my actual site right here at or use the address for commenting on any other website in the same way. This is early days but the app. has a lot of potential. As I said to Tim, this might be the best Web 2.0 innovation this year or . . . it might be the most EVIL! Lets wait and see.
No tools yet for your blog nor decent spam protection but those things are in the pipeline.

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Amazing Grace Sunday - Feb 18 (USA)


This Sunday (today) is Amazing Grace Sunday. About 4000 churches [so far] all over USA are singing this song and looking into how they can put a stop to modern day slavery. Erik Lokkesmoe is the Director behind this project and he has been kind enough to keep me updated on its progress all the way through. I have even offered some people his way to help the process along. I really like this whole thing - good people, good heart, worthy cause, nobody out to make a buck.
Details on what we are doing this Sunday and on the 25th coming up . . But in the mean time check out the resources for you (especially you worship leaders) if you want to be part of this movement to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery.

Register your church here

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Leaving Church

Just want to say three things about leaving church.

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1. People have left the church.
This is not news to you, especially if you read this blog. Many people (millions, actually) are leaving church in order to find Jesus and a new form of communal life not stifled by dead institutions.
Am I talking 'bout YOU? Got a story? A new website just opened called which will accept your story and publish on their blog. And when i say "new" I mean co-creator Tim Bowers just told me its up and your letter might be the very first letter if you submit it today with your story of why you left church and what you are doing now.

2. Jesus has left the building
Paul Vieira has published a great little book called Jesus Has Left The Building with a forward from the Kiwi I would most like to meet - Winkie Pratney. Its an easy read. Paul writes in a casual manner why he left the church to find real Christian community. The book is good and worth reading, and I think young people will resonate with its casual informal tone. But it is not an intellectually stimulating book, if that is your bag. Neither is it a high powered pep-talk for people who think house church and simple church is the next NEW BIG THANG. If thats your style, you might like George Barna's Revolution, or for even more Turtle-wax, try Jim Rutz's MegaShift. But if you are one of the millions who have left church or are feeling a little "excommunication envy" [not a real word, i just made it up] then Paul's book has the content AND the tone of the actual conversation. Paul also started a new blog so go and say hello and tell him he is either a HERO or a HERETIC for leaving the church. I am sure he has heard both before.

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