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The Prayer of Jael

John MacArthur in my dream

I had a dream last night about John MacArthur. He had set up an event inside a small trailer and I was there - and we had a good chat. He was congenial and we shared some laughs. We also shared our different viewpoints and he pushed hard on his own thoughts. But it was a good experience . .. ahh . . dream . . and I feel close to the man. Maybe dreams don't count for much in the dispensational theology of Dr John MacArthur but they make a difference for me.

I just noticed that his big event - The 2007 Shepherd's Conference - starts today. Now there's a coincidence. Tim Challies is live blogging the conference.

Related: John MacArthur's book called the Truth War, coming out really soon, will not be complimentary of the emerging church at all. Dan Kimball has already posted somewhat of a defense called "Please dont stereotype the Emerging Church".

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