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New Brochure for Emergence 2007 [update]

UPDATE: New Brochure


An important series of events for the Emerging Church in USA. These events are connected to the book "Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches" [see my review] and the pending release of The Emergent Manifesto of Hope". I am very impressed with the choice of hosts - especially since I am one of them (Minneapolis, May 18-19). The others are Krista Tippett from Speaking of Faith (Seattle, June 1-2) and Scot McKnight (Austin, April 27-28)). The speaker-line up is good also - some very cool people with experience in different facets of the emerging church. We will be exploring the possibility of a "post-evangelical church for a post-Christian world".
Register, learn more or download the larger brochure [PDF]

Emergencebroch Mh CmsSpeaking of the brochure, I think Scot is being cheeky when he is introduced as Technorati's Number One site for emerging church. OK - so I'm second! Big deal! Did you hear me carrying on and on when I was first for all those years???? Never! Ma genoito! May it never be! But now that Scot kicks me off the perch, I never hear the end of it. Still, he's a nice guy and his conference in Austin will be almost as compelling as mine in Minneapolis. I cant make it to the other events. I will be in Denver during the Austin event and will be in the UK during the Seattle event. But I am sure they will be worth attending.

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