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Smuggling liquids and finger nail clippers through security

Bloggers Roundtable (when the roll is uploaded yonder)


ORIGINAL: Almost 50 bloggers turned up for a lunch and chat today. I finally got to meet a whole bunch of famous bloggers that i had not met in person before.

UPDATE: When the roll is called up yonder, which should happen within the next few days, these names will be written in the Exponential Bloggers Roundtable Book of Life:
Shawn Lovejoy - well known blogger.
Chris Elrod sat next to me. Funny guy.
Travis Johnson commented on my blog so he gets on the list.
Drew Goodmanson is tall and skinny like me.
Michael Dixon is jobless minister.
Charles Whitmire is Connexion Pastor
Ben Arment making history.
Henry Judy making it all happen for everyone.
Me - tallskinnykiwi


Ken Witcher
Devin Hudson at GraceIsThePoint