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Amahoro Africa and postcolonialism

136484539 F523F25Eaf M-1The Amahoro event just happened in Kampala Uganda (May 7-11). They were discussing church in post-colonial Africa. It looks like the mix was 100 Africans and 100 internationals. I was invited to join and was considering it for a while, but decided not to go. They probably didn't need any more many foreigners anyway. Sounds like it was a great week and I look forward to hearing more. Heres some links:

- Amahoro Africa official blog.
- Roger Saner, who i met in South Africa last year, has info on his Emergent Africa blog
- Graeme Codrington has some good links and lecture notes from Dr Kenzo Mabiala on why the conversation on postcolonialism in Africa is a similar animal to the postmodern conversation of some Western countries.
- Mike King discusses Kenzo Mabiala's postcolonial theology and you can find more from Mabiala on Evangelical Faith and (Postmodern) Others.
- Dave blogged it.

I have been talking about this for a long time. To move parts of the conversation from the campfire of postmodernism to postcolonialism is not just to shift the focus from theology to missiology, where much of it belongs, but it also involves a shift from the issue of knowledge to the issue of power. And of the three concerns of postmodern thinking [knowledge, power and aesthetics] the Western church has got stuck on the epistemological questions of knowledge to the neglect of justice and power. Maybe the African church will show the Western church how to navigate these waters.

Interesting to note that, according to Mike, Dr Kenzo Mabiala taught theology at Trinity and his dissertation advisor was Dr D.A. Carson, who has struggled to understand the emerging church through the 'postmodern' lens.

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