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Challies advice for bloggers

Tim Challies is one of the best known Christian bloggers and possibly the King of Live-Blogging. Adrian Warnock (thru Russell Smith) has the skinny on Tim Challies' seminar for bloggers. Some good advice there on how Christians are impacting the blogosphere


Tim says Christians can improve in these areas:

1. Evangelism — the nature of blogs results in people gravitating to like interests — Christians tend to read Christian blogs, etc. If we are to make a mark on evangelism in this medium, we need to do what has always been done in society in general - filter outward; shine a light there. Christian bloggers may need to write about other things that interest them, while still maintaining their identity.

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2. Filtering — there's been a dramatic rise in the amount of information available to us — too much of it can be a liability. We need to use discernment to filter out the garbage from what is valuable, and also not to give undue time to blogs at the expense of other things, like reading Scripture, praying, reading good books, and other things. Don't become too narrow.

3. Control — just because you CAN say it doesn't mean that you SHOULD. What you write may be available on the Internet for a VERY long time!

4. Replacement — don't find your sense of community online rather than in a local setting — don't neglect the church and family.

5. Controversy — Nothing generates traffic like controversy, but it isn't helpful — it's only malicious. Avoid becoming specialists in discouragement and gossip.

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