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6th Blogiversary: Thanks a million!

Its that day again. Its been 6 years since i started tallskinnykiwi. I have had about a million page views on this new typepad platform and in a 6 month period, visitors came from 152 countries - so thanks everyone for watching my life and being interested in my family and our journey.

This blog was almost called "19 Welsh Elvises". Derek Chapman and I were in Prague and we met 19 Elvis impersonators who were all from Wales. We took photos and it was really surreal. And it was inspiration to blog the whacky side of my life and travels instead of just the serious and academic. BTW, last month i was flying to Germany from Glasgow Prestwick airport and look what i saw on the wall. Probably the same guys. Great to see them still around. And great to be blogging in the same place for 6 years.

Here's me with the Welsh Elvises in 2001(left) and now in 2007. If you cant blog your weird human encounters on your blog, then why have a blog anyway.

Why did I choose the name Tall Skinny Kiwi????

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This blog was called Tall Skinny Kiwi because I wanted to move away from the tag that everyone knew me as - "CYBERREV". I was CyberRev since 1995 when I chose the name for my email address with a brand new email service called hotmail. I was also Cyberrev on my first blog - Andrew's Tea Salon. I wanted to move away from being a virtual missionary to someone who was more flesh and blood. And since i was already tall (2 meters) and skinny (although i have always hated being this skinny) and already a Kiwi because I was born in New Zealand, I went with tall skinny kiwi.

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