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Chastity ring banned from school

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In the news today is Lydia Playfoot and her chastity ring. Her school will not allow her to wear it since its a religious item. She takes the case to court today. Hey - if its a meaningful icon and she simply wants to remind herself and her male classmates that she will not have having any nooky until she gets married [highly recommended btw]then LET HER WEAR IT!

Interesting sideline about rings - I heard a business man named Greg talk about fair trade jewelry this week in London and the unethical practices, including the huge environmental impact of mining gold and silver - something he blames the church for in its push for everyone to buy wedding rings.

- It was Greg Valerio of Cred Foundation who spoke to us last week about justice in the jewellery business.
- Related: Counting the Cost of Gold (PDF)

- Suggested article to get the skinny on the purity ring thing is Silver Bling Thing. HT: Dave in NZ

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