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Hotmail and Entourage X

A change on the hotmail servers means i cant send email from my hotmail account from entourage. I am sending it instead from my tallskinnykiwi at gmail dot com. This will be my preferred address since i dont want to upgrade to Entourage 2004.

Message found here.

April 6, 2007 If you are an Entourage X user and are having problems with your Hotmail account here is the reply I received from Hotmail support:
We traced the issue back to a security-related change on the Hotmail servers, which unfortunately affects all Hotmail customers and is too critical to revert.
Entourage X users who do not upgrade to Entourage 2004 can try the following workarounds:

Receiving Mail: Move any messages in the Outbox to Drafts. Message retrieval works in some cases if no messages need to be sent.
Sending Mail: Send messages via a non-Hotmail account.

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