Praying in London
Orphaned kids and missional families

Lausanne III, WEA and Geoff Tunnicliffe's doctorate

“Friends, this is your day and this is your chance. This life is the one life you have. So which it is going to be? Are you going develop the heart for the world? Are you going to make a difference for Jesus Christ? If you are, then you’ve got to come close. You’ve got to connect with people with real needs." - Dr Geoff Tunnicliffe, International Director of World Evangelical Alliance, upon receiving his honorary doctorate last week in San Francisco. Geoff is an outstanding Canadian who I have met a few times at mission conferences. Congratulations, Doctor Tunnicliffe!

Related: There was a Lausanne meeting last week in Hungary where they discussed, among other things, mission in "a post-Christian, post-modern, pluralistic world". Lausanne had recently decided to partner with WEA towards Lausanne III, to be held in Cape Town, October 2010. If you are Baptist, you probably know that William Carey suggested an international missions roundtable in Cape Town for 1810 but it didnt happen. The 1910 International Missions Conference in Edinbugh happened a hundred years later and kicked off the modern ecumenical movement based around missions. It is not really known whether the organisers knew about Carey's plans a hundred years earlier or not.

Gcrlogo50I have been thinking about Edinburgh 2010 for 6 years. In 2001, I gave an emerging church presentation at the Great Commission Roundtable in Malaysia where the two groups, Lausanne and WEA, came together with AD2000. We talked about the 2010 conference in Edinburgh as a hundred year celebration of mission partnership, at the suggestion of Jacques Matthey from WCC. I will probably still be living in Scotland in 2010 so I will no doubt be involved in some mission events in Edinburgh. Let me know if you are also planning something or have any strong ideas on what should happen. Be great to see the emerging church globally bring in some worthy contributions to the celebrations. It would be a great way to bring together the fruit of our many international roundtables. And yes, I am familiar with the Edinburgh Towards 2010 website and events and hope that we can compliment what is already going to take place.

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