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Missional PDFs from Don Golden and Steve Hu

Heres a paper that Steve Hu just submitted to me and has given the OK for its exclusive release on TallSkinnyKiwi [what an honor!!]. Its called  . .

Stevehu-Ets-Final-2"Are We Syncretizing the Gospel? A Reflection Upon Lesslie Newbigin’s Definition of Syncretism for the Church’s Missionary Encounter with Culture". A Paper Presented to the Evangelical Theological Society, Eastern Conference by Steve Hu, March 23, 2007

I like it because I like Newbigin. I have 8 Lesslie Newbigin books on my shelf and another book from his actual library - signed by him. I wish more people would read him. And I also like the paper because Steve looks at both Catholic and Protestant struggles and successes in dealing with syncretism in missions and lands in a good place

"The Missional Church [PDF] by Don Golden is an excellent ride through a century of mission thinking regarding the dichotomy between church and mission. Don finds 3 possible responses and goes back to Exodus to find the answer. I think this is the same Don Golden that is now lead pastor at Mars Hill church in Grand Rapids with Rob Bell. Probably the same Don Golden i met in 1999 with International Teams. Anyone know? Please correct me if i am wrong.

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