Global Christian Internet Alliance: Day One
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Global Christian Internet Alliance: Day Two

At the Global Christian Internet Alliance, Tuesday. Berlin. Lots of 5 minute presentations this morning. I gave mine on Church Mission Society and their web strategy which has more to do with dispersed sites and empowering user-generated content than attracting everyone to a single portal. I mentioned Jonny Baker - a leading Christian blogger in UK - as a good example. I also mentioned which, at the top search result for "emerging church" next to Wikipedia, is a pretty good effort for a 200+ year old mission agency. The prayer lava lamp was also given a test run.

Oh yeah. And I mentioned a new effort called the Global Mission Fund which is forming in partnership with the Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance. Dr Sas Conradie is the man behind this and I am representing him here. As for the rumor that I preformed interpretive dance during his powerpoint presentation . . .. well .. . you will have to ask someone who was here.

Other presenters, with the exception of some dangerous countries that i will not mention here,
Cliff Johnson talked about Bible stuff with and a new partnership with STL.
Kyle Young is part of a broadcasting/content group in USA called
Judith Becker of gave a short brief on phone technology and Japanese students.
Rusty Wright of Probe Ministries is an internet writer with over 150 articles online. One of them called "Dynamic Sex" gets a lot of hits.
Tony Whittaker of Internet Evangelism Day and, which is a part of WEC.
more later.

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