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GCIA: Day Four

Day 4. We are talking about VIDEO.
- Keith Stonehocker: Convergence in media EG., CBS going into print. Christianity Today going into video
- Stephen Jeffs telling the story about - their video on demand service. Now live after 3 years development. Octillion = a REALLY BIG NUMBER. Video for streaming or downloading.
- John LaRue from Christianity Today - online courses are over. It was complex and people wanted to own the material. Faith Visuals are popular - you can upload your video resources and make some money. Lots of free video also.
CBS, South Korea (no relation to USA company) has been broadcasting since 1954. Big focus on delivery to phone. They have a prayer meeting each morning with his staff of 67 workers.


- Arturo from, Costa Rica recommends the Quick Podcast service from
- EO folk from the Netherlands - Broadcasting since 1967 and reuse material. is their new site. - a website that answers questions on God. 6,500 questions since 2000.

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