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Posters for Patriots of the Old Modern Way

These posters from Nic and Josh are also quite funny.


Nic and Josh were in my Happy Hour last night. I invited them because they are some of the very few people I know who do a podcast worth subscribing to. And over 150,000 subscribers agree with me. Its called the Nic and Josh Podcast and I was very honored to be their guest last year while in USA.
Nic and Josh and our group were discussing the Pyromaniac posters on the emerging church and I guess they have created a few responses IN KIND. See them here at Josh's blog.

If you like these posters, keep reading to see some more. And if you might also be amused by yet another anti-Emerging Church article called . . .and I am not lying . . .

Why Al Queda Supports the Emergent Church by Frank Pastore.
[edit: i removed link to this article at request of R.S. and i should add that that article has no connection at all with Pyromaniacs]