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My Talk at Greenbelt Festival this Saturday

This weekend I will be speaking at Greenbelt Festival on "Set Free to Be The Church". Saturday from 7pm at the CMS tent. Come along and fill up the empty seats so i don't DIE a humiliating death when nobody turns up at my session. I will try to tackle the new forms of church/community arising in this new media revolution, and the missiological insights that can free us to be the people of God as we should be. I hope to have a few guests with me who can speak about different areas of that freedom. Saturday 25th from 7pm to 8pm in the Church Missionary Society tent. In fact, CMS is running an excellent program on Setting The Captives Free which will tackle everything from stopping human trafficking to emerging church issues.

For the very elite few of you who attend my teaching sessions each year at Greenbelt, [God bless you . . every one!] here is a reminder of our journey so far.

WalkingcityIn 2004 my lecture was called Forward Slash: A Narrative Missiology. It dealt with "emerging culture, new media minds, a deep ecclesiology, new church structures, values of new media culture, ministry in a post-post-literate culture, and an apostolic pattern appropriate for this century."
I think you can buy the CD from Greenbelt here.

2005 - I spoke on the spirituality of blogging. We dipped into Athanasius and came up with about 10 ways in which blogging can be a spiritual discipline. Greenbelt neglected to record that earth-shattering moment but you can see the outline here.

2006 - I was there at Greenbelt but not speaking. Instead I joined the Fuse Factory VJ team and helped them set up their audio-visual installations.

2007 - I am flapping my lips again and hope to bring insights from the previous lectures into this new one. God help us all. C U THERE!

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