Westray Island this weekend.
Family Pilgrimage to Papay

I'm Still Alive!

Still here. Still kickin. Just havent blogged much this week. But here is a roundup of stuff thats going on.

- The flu went through our house this week and so Debbie, Elizabeth and Abigail were horizontal for three days. I stayed healthy and ended up tending to the sick and the lame.
- Debbie is really busy with drawing up business plans for the cooperative that we are kicking off in our town. It will have about 12 micro-business enterprises including Debbie's pottery. It will be called The Sorting Room. VERY EXCITING!
- I am thinking through some ministry issues for a church retreat next week in England and another event in USA after that.
- I read Brian's new book "Everything Must Change" and will probably write a review on Monday.
- We are fixing up the room (Sorting Room) downstairs so things can happen.
- I am in the middle of a transition in ministry. Tell you more about it next week.