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Emergent event in Austin

I almost went along to it, since i was in USA anyway, but i had to get back home to the family. A Zondervan sponsored Emerging Church Event event happened over the past few days at Gateway Church in Austin, Texas. Steve Knight has some reflections. Quite a few bloggers there but i am curious to hear what Mike Corley says on his radio program later today. My name appeared on the web site but I was never planning to be there. I was, however, supposed to host the other event like this in Minneapolis but that was cancelled earlier in the year.

I don't think any of my colleagues who live in Austin attended this event. They are doing more underground/missional/off-the-christian-radar kind of stuff. Still, it sounded like a good time. Bob Carlton has thoughts.
Coincidence: I was at Gateway's preview service in Austin when they opened in 1998.


A lot of us are thinking of Dan Kimball who lost his father yesterday due to complications from a fall. Dan has been a good friend and a stable guide to those in the emerging church journey. Dan is author of The Emerging Church and They Like Jesus But Not The Church.

Also Pernell and Margie Goodyear who, and it was announced at our conference a few days ago among many Canadian and American friends, lost a baby through miscarriage last week.

Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

MisterrogersConference is over. It was a blast! We spent many repeated times in Luke 10 and gave a lot of consideration to the kind of order that would allow us to plug back into what God is doing in the neighborhood. Getting church back to being LOCAL again and impacting the local neighborhood will be a big challege for Americans and Canadians but its really important.
Pete Askew from Northumbria led the daily offices and the Roxburgh boys were fountains of wisdom and humor.
Nice to be with this group. Sometimes i find myself in emerging church conversations which end up only talking about getting more milage out of outmoded methods of church. But this was going beyond and beneath to find the heart of what Jesus intended for his community. Well worth the trip.
Lets hope that we find some answers so Mister Roger's prophetic statement might come pass. And its a beautiful day in the neighborhood [not 'wonderful' like i first said]
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Bloggers at Allelon Conference on Monastic Orders

Conference on Mission Orders is going really well and there are some bloggers here that i have met in the blogosphere but never face to face.

Talkin' bout Blind Beggar, Brother Maynard (whose name is not really Maynard), Len Hjalmarson, Bill Kinnon and others. Fantastic to hang with them here. Oh . .  Rob Robinson also. And of course lots of ex-bloggers (Futurist Guy) and pre-bloggers.

Reflections on Monastic Orders

Dscf5463-1I am sitting in Tom and Christine Sine's living room in a meeting with people discussing monastic orders and their rules. Next to me is Eliacin from Puerto Rico who lives with his wife and child at the Mustard Seed House and whose blog Kingdom Praxis is quite well known. Others are here also and reporting on communities such as Lindisfarne, Simply Way, 3rd Order of Franciscans, Innerchange, Iona, etc. I was asked about the Order of the Mustard Seed with 24-7 Prayer and so i told them of my night of terror when i took the vow with them. I also mentioned Church Mission Society which is becoming a mission order. And of course what is emerging in our home town. It might just be a coincidence but this is also the topic of the conference this week with Allelon. Looking forward to it.

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Tom and Christine Sine in Seattle

I am in Seattle right now and staying with Tom and Christine Sine. Tom is a teacher and author of some excellent books [new book coming soon related to their conference New Conspiritors 08]. Christine, an Aussie, is the doctor that helped get the medical programs going on the YWAM ship Anastasis.

I was staying at their home about 7 years ago and i remember Tom cooked a wicked salmon dinner. Last night almost all the the produce was from their own garden outside. The house is like a small monastery, complete with guest rooms and a prayer room on top with a view of the Seattle skyline. They are thinking through the idea of monastic communities and orders. Some of that is reflected on their blog called The Mustard Seed Conspiracy. Christine is blogging at Godspace.

We had a meeting last night with some young people that are involved in exploring church in Seattle, and some looking into nu-monasticism. Nice to be here again.

A mid life crisis: Just what this blog needs

I am writing this from Billygans Roadhouse in Vancouver Washington where they just served me a ridiculously large breakfast with some colon-clogging biscuits and gravy. Huge meal. I dont think I will need lunch.

I haven't done anything spontaneous for a long time. Sign of being in my early 40's. And also going through transition.

But last night, having arrived at Seattle airport, and having a day or two before my next conference, I experienced a strong desire to get on the open road and drive down to Portland Oregon. Portland is the city my wife and I choose to live in after we were married. We lived there 5 years and her family followed us there. Its feels like home to me and i often get stirrings in my loins to go there,

So I did it. I rented a car and took off. The people at Thrifty were too young to understand my Dustin Hoffman impersonation "Of course I'm a very good driver!" so I had to explain the Rainman movie from way back in the archives of movie history. They offered me a Ford Focus which is a really lame car so i asked for something sexier and more appropriate for a quick weekend mid-life crisis and they gave me a Chrysler 300 for the same price. I think they felt sorry for me.

13-10-07 1714
So, I have wheels and they are red and sexy. The car looks like a Bentley and the leather seats have a really strong heater that is giving me a thermal back massage on my lower back and as for my backside - well - lets just say I have a burning ring of fire that would make Jonny Cash proud.

As i was saying earlier, my blog has got terribly boring this year and I have had no motivation to keep the posts coming. I think something went awry early in the year when i was asked, along with other bloggers, to say 5 silly things about myself that no one knew. I dont know why but I never got round to writing or posting that blog - I should have - a curse of boredom has landed on this blog and it hasnt lifted.

But I feel it lifting a little now. And my red Chrysler 300 is helping. So let it burn, burn burn . . . this ring of fire!

Seattle next.

Off again. Back home for 24 hours after a good trip - staying with cool people (the Lawheads and Jonny and Jenny Baker) and a youth hostel in Aberdeen that wasnt very cool. Esp. the vomit in the sink this morning. I am having a nice evening with the family so that they remember what i look like. And then off in the morning to Seattle, for the conference on Missional Orders that starts on Monday at the Seabeck Conference Center. Over the next few days I will be meeting up with my wife's family - who live in Oregon [we lived in Portland for 5 years] and I will be staying with Tom and Christine Sine who have been good friends for a decade.

Nothing much going on with me.

Same old stuff. Too boring to blog it all but heres the skinny. I am in Oxford for a few days. Having good meetings with Church Mission Society and the gang. Last night I stayed at Stephen and Alice Lawhead's house - great hosts!! Stephen is an author of Celtic fiction and a book I read a long time ago called Byzantium.
London tomorrow and then back to Orkney before heading off this weekend to (I think) Budapest and then Seabeck, WA and maybe San Francisco on the way home. If anything interesting happens, I might blog it, but as you can see, I don't have much blogging energy right now.