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Spot The American

My Czech friend Sasa is spending time in Chicago, where this photo was just taken with John Stockman (American), who I also got to know in Prague. Can you spot the American?

Did you guess it? Read on to see how culturally astute you are.

The American [John Stockman] who lives and ministers with street kids in Minneapolis, is on the left. The Czech, Sasa Flek, is on the right. That was easy because the Czech was not wearing blue jeans and had tucked his shirt in. John's three friends are in the middle.
Sasa is a the Bible translator who we called the "Scribe in our basement" when he worked out of our house in Prague. He is nearly finished with the Czech Bible. You should take a look at the creative artwork he uses. He is at Wheaton College for a few weeks for a special course.

UPdate: John apparently has a blog.