The UnConference
Catching Up


Greetings from the Siberia Vodka bar which has a free Wifi signal. Aberdeen sure closes down at night. I snuck away from the hospital (which lacks internet) to catch up on some emails. They should release Abigail tomorrow. Things going well. We took all the kids out to see Ratatouille [Rat-a-too-ee] last night and even though i dont really like most kids animations, I have to say I really loved watching this movie. But then i like to cook and can appreciate the story.

UPDATE: OK - This is weird. I posted that previous paragraph at 6:29. At 6:41 I decided to do the decent thing and put a hypertext link to Siberia Vodka Bar. I did a quick search on Google using "siberia vodka aberdeen" and there was my post which had only just arrived on the internet 12 minutes earlier. And it was number 2.

Is that a record or what? 12 minutes from non-existence to number 2. Did i post that right before the Google-Bot swept over or are things accelerating? Anyone know?