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Christmas Ale

I made 2 casks of Christmas Ale today. One is for The Orcadian Newspaper's christmas party next month. They were kind enough to sell me some printing equipment for a good deal and were hoping tyo get some more beer money for their party. I am sure my 2007 Orcadian Christmas Ale will do the trick. DONT YOU JUST LOVE BARTERING!!! The other cask will be for our Christmas season.

Recipe: I used some darker malts - chocolate and crystal as well as pale malt. I threw in some northern hops at the start and fuggles towards the end. And to finish I used some crystalised ginger, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, extra sugar (had no honey) and a dab of cranberry sauce -which was probably a dumb move because it might have some bacteria that fights the yeast . . . but we will see. My buckets are in front of the heaters for a few days so I wont feel bad about leaving the heaters on.

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