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Roger Oakland and Faith Undone

Emerging Philanthropy

Ideas from and for the new wave of emerging philanthropy:

Using Facebook - Philanthropy.com looks at Raising money on facebook

One Dollar at a Time - Andy Porteous tells me a faith community in Australia is trying to raise over $7 million, one dollar at a time,  by Christmas 2008. Check it out on OneHitWonder

Recipient Blog - This is an idea from Lee Behar of Maclellan Foundation shared with me last summer. The Boaz Project might be implementing this idea next year with an often-updated group blog that will show where the money is going and what its accomplishing.

Money Back Guarantee
- Dennis Whittle of GlobalGiving.com suggests a money back guarantee on gifts up to $10,000, or at least money in the form of a voucher. But would that still be a "gift"?

Tactical Philanthropy asks "Is Performance Measurement Undermining Social Change?"
Philanthopy.blogspot.com looks at wisdom of crowds.

Also, PC (USA) has just put aside 20k for emergent churches. Details here.

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