Christianity in Britain

Americans in London for Christmas

Things are heating up here in London. More people are flying in and driving up for our Christmas gathering. Apart from the Carter family from Chichester and the Mark and Hannah Stoney family, originally from Sheffield, everyone else here is American. Most of my family, as you know, are Americans. Teresa Kwon arrived from Kansas City this morning. Jess Stricker from Austin is here. Shannon Hopkins from Austin is not only here but we are all meeting AND MANY OF US ARE STAYING in her crowded one bedroom apartment. Daniel and Sommer Passerelli and their kids are turning up to today to help with cooking. They are from from Penn. State but are now living and working in funky Camden Town, London.

Not easy being American in England. Prejudism abounds. My wife and the small group of ladies out last night at the historic Prospect of Whitby pub were snobbed and snubbed all the way until one minute past eleven, which meant they missed out on drinks. As they walked out, the lady behind the bar was heard to say "Why should I serve them?" That sucked! But still, most people are friendly towards Americans. Its easier for us in Scotland, where people have less problems with Americans than they do with the English

Speaking of Camden Town, a church that Dan is connected with in that area got a positive mention in last week's Time Out London which had an article on religion and fashion in London and how funkily dressed are some of London's people of faith. Like Lizzy Houston (below) who attends a really good church called Glorious Undead that I have talked about before. Tom Cole from GU attended our roundtable in Germany last year.