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Stoke on Trent today

Darrin Patrick and Journey

AlcoholRemember that Baptist church called Journey that i blogged about in a post entitled "We Baptists Do Not Drink . . . (in front of each other)"? Well, they just lost their funding and I think their stance on taking communion seriously got them in trouble. It is also connected with their relationship with Acts 29 - a fine, upstanding, reformed, gotteed network of churches that the Journey has been a part of. Darrin Patrick will talk to us on Shapevine tomorrow and give the skinny.

I am traveling tomorrow and will be in Stoke on Trent, England, by the end of the night so i don't know if i can make the video chat. But it should be good. What i would like to ask him is where he will be sending his church's tithe if the Missouri Baptists dont want it anymore. It is also interesting to me because Boaz lost its funding from Baptist General Convention of Texas last year - not because of the amber communions that we enjoy but rather because they dismantled the church multiplication center that I was a part of. No hard feelings .. . but its interesting to see others in the southern baptist world cut loose and floating out there like us.

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