Stoke on Trent today
Americans in London for Christmas


End of the year is upon us and Steve Taylor way down in Godzone country of New Zealand is requesting emerging church postcards for 2007. This will be the third year of collecting images, events and 'postcards' from around the world of what has been happening in our communities. HT: Paul Roberts and an email from Steve (following)

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for the last few years i have sought to provide a visual and online
snapshot of the emerging church in the year that was. i simply invite
emerging churches to send me a photo of their year gone, plus answer a
few questions and i turn these into postcards, that provide a visual
snapshot. it went well in 2005, not so well in 2006. but i'd like to do
it again, because i suspect that it is important to keep markers as a
way of helping chart what God is doing.


merry christmas,
steve taylor