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Heathrow crash miracle- on a wing and a prayer

The leading headline on the Sun paper today is "Plane on wing and a prayer", accompanied with a picture of the Boeing 777 that crashed smoothly and without loss of life in Heathrow two days ago. The pilot , Senior First Officer John Coward, said he was "only doing his job".

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I flew into London Gatwick a few hours before the crash, to get a connecting flight to London. I almost always fly into Heathrow but I snagged a cheap flight from Amsterdam (50 pounds) and so Gatwick it was. I almost missed my flight but they held the plane to let me on. If I had waited for another flight, I dont think I would have made it home.
My wife and daughter are not so lucky. They flew in from Prague this morning and were hoping to connect at Heathrow for Scotland. Uh uh! They are stuck in London for the night and will come tomorrow instead. Must be quite messy for all the passengers.

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